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Why to Buy Property in Galicia.

In recent years many European citizens, mainly English, Irish, Germans and French have become more and more interested in Galicia, investing in properties to be used as a second home, and in some instances as a permanent home for retirement.

Also Spanish citizens are moving steadily to the North coast of Spain for holidays and to buy second homes, due to the beautiful scenery, peace, marvellous food, reasonable prices, and a noticeable change of climate which is increasing the average temperature throughout the year and the number of sunny hours.

That is the reason why our company `Green Spain Properties Ltdfocuses mainly on this specific part of Spain, although we plan to cover the rest of the North coast of Spain, Asturias, Santander and the Basque country, as well as North Portugal, as they all share the green scenery, and have kept their character as opposed to the `typical Spanish touristic areas’.

Our aim is to offer the best choice of properties, either new, second hand or to be restored, in the best locations. We cover rural areas and small villages, not only along the coast, within easy reach of the finest beaches suitable for swimming, surfing, snorkelling or just relaxing, but also inland where Galicia is idyllic and close to paradise, but always near to large cities and well connected to airports and motorways.

We try to avoid crowded or built up areas and look for places where you can enjoy nature, peace and good living. We believe that being close to towns or villages with easy access to basic amenities, restaurants and beaches, means that you can spend more time enjoying the people and atmosphere in a safe, virtually crime-free and child friendly environment.

To accomplish this, we invite owners and property agents  to advertise in our web site, under the supervision of our representative in Spain, Gil Bernardez, who makes sure that our quality requirements are complied with and selects the best properties and locations.

Please note that we are not property agents but we act as property finders, to help you to find the best choice of properties which match your requirements. We are an independant company and our only commitment is our customers and their requirements.

Gil Bernardez is a well respected professional who has lived in Galicia for many years, raised his family here and speaks fluent English as well as his mother-tongue Gallego Spanish. Gil has many years experience successfully letting holiday properties in the area and wishes to help discerning clients realise their dream to own their own home in this superb region of Spain.

Property prices have been declining in recent years, as in the rest of Spain, although no so sharply due to the fact that property in Galicia has never suffered drastic increases and changes happen more steadly as property tends to keep the value in this area, mainly in the coast.  Near all prices published are negotiable, so don't hesitate in asking about any property you may be interested. 

We have reliable representatives both in the UK and Ireland, some of whom also speak French and German, with knowledge of the area and experience in buying and renovating property in Galicia, who will be only too pleased to discuss your requirements informally and provide unbiased and most of all unpressured advice, before you embark on the journey to turn your dream into a reality.

Have a look through the properties for sale in Galicia and North Portugal we have already selected but if you cannot find your dream home please call or email us your details and requirements and we will use our extensive knowledge of the area and contacts to help you find what you are looking for.

Whether you are looking for a second home for those memorable holidays or letting or even moving here, we can offer specialist local advice to guide you through the initial selection of property, introducing qualified professionals and suitable builders, for renovation work, right through to furnishings and subsequent letting upon completion, if so you wish.

We can organise a visit (usually two or three days are needed), collect you at the airport and show you the area and all the properties of interest, as well as guiding you through the purchase process. Please see all the services we can offer you.

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