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Galicia, a paradise in GreenSpain

Galicia is an ideal location for lovers of nature, with coastal areas of extreme beauty, and mountains with marvellous forests and rivers. River Tambre in Ponte Maceira (near Negreira- A Coruña)

In some recent article in the New York Times, Galicia has been presented as `The best kept secret of Europe’. This was true due to the fact that Galicia has been for many years the forgotten poor region in the North West corner, isolated by high mountains from the rest of Spain and with a lack of good connections either by road, air or train.

All this changed little by little along the past decade and mainly in recent years, where good roads and motorways were built, and cheap fly connections were established with the main cities in Europe from the three airports in Galicia (Santiago de Compostela, A Corunna, and Vigo). Ría de Muros-Noia

Galicia started to be known thanks to the `Camino de Santiago’ or pilgrim’s way to Santiago de Compostela. Every year hundreds of thousands of pilgrims visit the beautiful Cathedral where it is supposed that the remains of Apostle Santiago are buried.

The soft weather of this Celtic region, and the excellent quality of food and wine along with the many 'fiestas' all through the year, (mainly during summer months), makes it a perfect destination for families or romantic trips, or just to enjoy peace, nature and good living.Castro de Baroña in Ria de Muros-Noia

Galicia has more than a thousand km of coastline with marvellous estuaries, classified in Rías Altas and Rías Bajas, depending if they are in the north or in the west coast.
The 'Rías Baixas' are ideal and save to practice sailing in summer, and in the Rías Altas you can see spectacular cliffs, and unpolluted beaches.

The coastline is spectacular and has new government protection from over-development so that the area will not become a repeat of the dense building work seen in southern Spain.
Allariz - Ourense

There are many unspoilt small pretty fishing villages with a good choice of tapas bars and quality restaurants where you can enjoy freshly caught fish, local dishes cooked for you on the premises using locally grown produce and, of course, you can enjoy the world famous fine wines, beer, cider and liqueurs of the region, but at very reasonable prices.


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